Welcome to the L.A. Black Theater Experience

The L.A. Black Theater Experience is a blog that will feature upcoming or in progress plays in Southern California.  All plays recommended on this site have been reviewed by Lisa Tucker who is not a journalist but someone who loves the stage.  The reason this is important is because we want to provide real people reviews that speaks to other theater goers.  We feel this offers more personalized reviews.

Please note that if a local play is not reviewed on this blog, it can mean two things:  We have not see or heard of the play or we reviewed the play but did not feel the play is a good recommendation.  We want to support all productions which is why we will offer a local listing page for other projects in the near future.  The listing page will not note which plays we may have seen and we will not place any personalized notes.

We hope you will visit often and find this blog very informative and useful.


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